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 The Village Hall is a registered Charity formed for the benefit of residents of Clavering and the surrounding district. The Council of Management has a policy of maintaining the Hall to a high standard for the enjoyment of all users and the following conditions are intended to ensure that this is achieved.

1. General Information

  1. Use of the Hall is restricted to times specified in the Booking Request & Confirmation Form.  This must cover setting up and clearing away. The Hall is closed between lettings.

  2. Hirers may only use the parts of the Hall specified in the booking.

  3. The key to the Hall is secured in a key safe beside the main door.  The current code to the key safe will be provided to you by email before the commencement of hire.  Enter the combination code to open the box and release the key; please then close and lock the empty key safe.  After use, please ensure that the building is fully locked, then return the key to the key safe and ensure the safe is securely locked after use.  Please do not disclose the key safe combination to others.

  4. Please note that a charge of 50% of the hire charge will be made if the function is cancelled with less than four weeks’ notice being given to the Booking Secretary.  

  5. If the event includes a dance or disco or is a wedding or private party, you must also send the deposit by cheque or BACS referred to in the Booking Form (made payable to “Clavering Village Hall”) to the Booking Secretary at least six weeks before the function.  If the Conditions of Hire have been complied with in full you will receive the deposit back within 28 days.  If there has been any damage to the Hall, its fixtures, fittings, or any extra cleaning is required, then a further deduction will be made.

  6. The Council of Management reserves the right to cancel any hire at any stage if there is a clear breach of the Booking Terms and Conditions as detailed in this document. The Council of Management will also not be responsible for any expenditure or loss incurred because of cancellation.


  1. Please clear up any spillages immediately with a damp mop.

  2. The use of the tables and chairs is included within the hire charge. 

  3. Please open/close all curtains using the cording sets, where provided.

  4. Please do not access the stage, nor open/close the stage curtains, unless this area has specifically been agreed within your hire.  If you have good reason to open the stage curtains, it is essential that this is NOT done by hand.  Access the stage via the back of the Hall and turn the winder which is situated on the left-hand side of the curtains facing outwards into the Hall.

  5. To switch on the heating, you simply need to push the button behind the stage on the back wall. If you press it once you get 1 hour of heat. You can press repeatedly for up to 4 hours of heat and the 5th press will turn it off again.  Blue lights clearly indicate progress through this process.   The temperature cannot be adjusted from inside the Hall, it is simply off or on. If necessary, it is your responsibility to let yourself in a little early and turn it on to heat up. The heating will not come on past midnight.   





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